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New 3-Week EFT Teleclass! 

Here is a quick and convenient way to learn EFT:

***All Session Take Place By Telephone ***
***These calls will be recorded -- if the time is not convenient,
      register anyway and you will get a recording of the calls***

Whoever said "No Pain No Gain" obviously did not know about 
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)!

EFT is a psychological use of the acupuncture meridian points - instead of using needles, you learn to tap with your fingertips on the meridian points while saying some statements.

As odd as it may sound, it works.

Here is just some of what EFT can do for you . . . 

*You can learn to STOP immediate food cravings

*You can use it to stop eating when you are satisfied, instead of continuing to eat.

*You can calm yourself when you are feeling upset, so you won't be tempted to reach for food. 

*You can stop sabotaging yourself.

*You can neutralize your emotions and anxieties that contribute to emotional eating.

*You can improve your body image and feel more positively about yourself.

*You can overcome your resistance to exercise.

*You can stop feeling so frustrated and impatient when the weight isn't coming off, even though you are doing all the right things.

*You can use it in the grocery store or at parties to ward off the urge for sweets.

*You can apply these techniques to ANY other area of your life.

Here's a typical case . . .

  * My client, Connie, was a perfect example. When I first met Connie, she was overweight and frustrated, having tried almost every available method of losing weight

In spite of her efforts, the weight always came back on. I taught her how to use EFT for food cravings in my office. 

The next week, she came in and reported that she had had 2 "extreme moments" that had NOTHING to do with hunger!! 

  * She simply had a strong urge to eat, even though she knew she was not physiologically hungry. 

  * She quickly used the EFT procedures as I had taught her and stated: 

"For some reason, I just didn't get up off the couch to go to the kitchen". 

  * EFT had worked perfectly. Connie had been having a stressful week and knew that she was probably just feeling overwhelmed and exhausted when the urge to eat hit her.

Here is what Connie writes to me today:

Hi Carol,   

  Ive been thinking about you.  I'm feeling great!  Lots of changes going on. I have lost 12 pounds and have kept it off for a while now. 

  I have lots of energy, and the cravings are gone.  I eat when I'm hungry even if the clock doesn't say breakfast, lunch or dinner.  No more late night snacking when the family is in bed or pigging out on empty calories.  I'm not sure what happened, but I think all your words, exercises, and patience with me helped to put everything together.   

  I can even see a change in my body, and that helps me when I might be tempted to eat when I'm not really hungry. I just think how good I feel in my new smaller pair of jeans, and I don't choose to eat.   

  It's such a wonderful sense of freedom, just like you talked about.

  I'm so happy I had a chance to work with you. Thank you for so much, Carol.


Here are some other examples from my EFT groups -

* Jeanne used it before she went to the donut shop, and ended up throwing away the second donut she bought.

* Sarah used it when she went to the dentist's office to stay calm during a stressful procedure. It worked!

* Tina started to have a panic attack and used EFT to calm down.

I've had a remarkable week . . . I have no cravings anymore . . . none . . . zip! I've even started to exercise. And I feel much more in control, almost like a different person.

Diana Alex
Phoenix , AZ

All this, and much more, after only a few lessons of EFT.

I have seen these results over and over and over again - and not just related to weight loss. You can apply what you learn to ANY difficult situation in your life.

* John is a business executive who was claustrophobic, who became afraid to fly after 911, and is now able to fly with ease - he even said it was fun!

* Joanne, who was in the habit of having a drink every night, now has not had the urge to drink in weeks. 

* Catherine used the same techniques when she went to a doctor's appointment that she was nervous about. She felt much calmer.

* Pamela used EFT to cure her own driving phobia that she had struggled with for the last 20 years. She now drives with ease and confidence.

EFT is simple. 

It can be learned by phone - that's why I have designed a 3-week teleclass to introduce you to it. 

You can learn from the comfort of your own environment.

Here are the details . . .

WHEN: 3 Fridays -- October 27th, November 3rd and 10th

TIME: 10 a.m. Eastern Time (9 a.m. Central, 8 a.m. Mountain, 7 a.m. Pacific, 2 p.m. London Time)

HOW: Telephone bridge lines when you call in, you are instantly connected!

FEE: $97.00 

Class #1 -- EFT for Food Cravings 

(Bring food to the call, and we will work on this together)

Class #2 -- EFT for the Emotions That Drive Your Urge To Eat

(Emotional eating is the number 1 cause of overeating)

Class #3 -- EFT to STOP Sabotaging Yourself 

(What good is weight loss if you can't hang on to it?)

Plus you also get these Bonuses FREE:

BONUS #1 -- These classes will be recorded -- so even if you can't attend, you get a recording of the classes -- you can listen at your convenience as often as you want.

BONUS #2 -- If I offer the class again, you can re-take it at no charge. 

(Don't miss out on this valuable training.)

Registration is easy. 

Click Here to Register for the class ($97)

After you register, you will receive an email with the bridge number to call at the time of the class. 

This is the most exciting and effective technique I have learned in a long, long time. I hope you will join us for this class.

Warm regards,
(847) 680-0272

Click Here to Register for the class ($97)

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Good news for individuals engaged in weight loss treatment 
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weight control programs.

These guidelines apply to individuals who are 
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conditions (such as diabetes or hypertension) that 
can be improved with weight loss.

Certain restrictions apply. You may be eligible for 
these deductions if your physician recommends 
that you lose weight, and if you itemize deductions 
or pay out-of-pocket expenses from a Medical 
Savings Account or Flexible Savings Account 
through your employer.

Check with your tax accountant and/or physician to 
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